Sep 16, 2012

Launch: iPhone application for

We’ve are happy to announce that our iPhone application has been approved by Apple and is now available in the app store.  With this application you can snap photos from your mobile and automatically have them posted to is the easiest way to add high quality images to classified listings and with this app it is even easier to use.  Download the app today. photo set

Sep 11, 2012

Helping to make it easier to post photos to classified listings

Have you ever wanted to sell something online?  You know that adding high quality images will help you sell that stuff faster.  The problem is craigslist and ebay’s built in tools allow you to post only a few images and worse they scale them down and lower the quality of what you upload.  For some things you want to sell this is fine but for others not being able to see the details means the difference between a sale or not.  Or worse wasted back and forth asking for higher quality photos.

We are excited to announce the latest from Sargent Labs to solve this challenge:, a tool that lets you easily add high quality photos to classified listings.  

It’s as simple as uploading your original images to and copy-and-pasting the automatically generated embed code to your posting.  We take care of all the boring image resizing behind the scenes so your posting looks great and you don’t have to do a thing.  Also, get some insight on how many times your posting is viewed with built-in analytics.

Check it out and let us know your feedback.

Aug 7, 2012

Helping people share while on the go

The iPhone app makes sharing easy no matter where you are.  Here are some screens that walk you through usage of the app.

We are always looking for feedback so hit us up with comments.

Jul 24, 2012

A video walkthrough of the service.

Jul 22, 2012

Our next project:

We’ve just released version 0.1 of, a service that let’s you send what you want simply & securely. We’ve been using this with our friends and family for about a year now and are really excited to see others start using it.

Some keys to

  • Share any type of file photo, video, zip, etc. - Up to 2GB files
  • Share URLs - High-res screen shots are captured of the content 
  • Totally secure - The things you share are only accessible by the people you share them with.
  • Friends from your social network - All your Facebook friends are already on
  • Collaboration - Comment on anything you or your friends share
  • Private - No way to make the things you share open to the world, or Google for that matter
  • Accessible - We have an iPhone app and other platforms are coming soon
  • Fast - We create optimized previews for everything shared so things are snappy

The first question we get is “how is this different or better than…?”.  Well we took a look at what was out there and quite frankly found a lot.  However, what we found were services that facilitated sharing of file type A but not B, only one file at a time or broadcast everything to everyone. is a visual, private social network built to share and not to broadcast.  We feel that is very different from the other offerings and we like that. 

We’ve put a lot of energy into this app and we’re really excited about it. We hope you find it valuable and useful.  Get in touch with us for suggestions or issues.  We will follow up with some more posts in the future that outline individual features.  


Apr 9, 2012

Announcing Ve.rbatim

Sargent Labs is proud to share it’s latest creation: Ve.rbatim 

Ve.rbatim lets you view and browse the same website at the same time with your friends, family and co-workers. You will see the same content on your screen that others see on theirs, in real-time. A session can be two people or two hundred people.

Here are just some of the ways you can use Ve.rbatim…

  • Conference calls
  • Watch and chat about a video
  • Coordination of a group getaway
  • Social online shopping with your friends
  • Send URLs from your desktop to mobile devices or tablets
  • Control a presentation at work from your mobile device

Let us know what you think!

Apr 9, 2012


Jan 2, 2012

We are Sargent Labs

Sargent Labs makes the mundane magical by looking at everyday issues and solving them in new innovative ways.

We will post some of the interesting stuff we are working on in this space.  Stay tuned.